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What is Innate?

The human capacity for life is immense, endowed with natural functioning. Our brain, the center of all functioning, controls our activities such as breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, thinking, growing and healing. The nervous system transmits the brain’s signals to each part of the human body. The driving force of this incredible function is the innate intelligence, or the “Innate.” The ability to recover from sickness or to maintain a healthy state is also a work of Innate. “Innate” refers to vitality and a self-healing power that exists within each one of us.

Contemporary lifestyle and the decreasing of Innate

The human body was originally endowed with amazing vitality. However, we have worsened the condition of the environment we live in. Polluted air and water, pesticide-contaminated and artificial additive-saturated foods, electromagnetic transmissions, and social stresses created by fast-paced information overloads all threaten our body’s natural functions. This has decreased our Innate and has become tremendously harmful to our health. In order to get back to a healthy state, we need to increase our Innate. Innate Seitai Treatment can help to restore the potential of your original vitality.